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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alison Waring

My round the world solo motorcycle trip is in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust and in memory of Alison Waring (nee Jones).

Alison was my big sister, and due to the way she met and battled with her illness she is now one of my all-time heroes. She will always be a huge inspiration to me to make the most of my life. Alison fell ill in 2005, and was eventually diagnosed with myelo fibrosis, a disease that attacks the white blood cells.

This picture was taken at my brother's wedding, some time before Al got ill.

At the time she fell ill Alison was 44 and had two children, Jack (11 years old) and Jasmine (9 years old). Her eighteen month fight for life was the most difficult thing I can imagine anyone going through. To see a mother gradually realise that she will not be around to see her children grow up was heart breaking for our family and I can't imagine the anguish that Al went through.

During her battle Alison received bone marrow and stem cell transplants arranged with the help of the Anthony Nolan Trust and my family will always be grateful for the help they gave. Without the donor register, and all the other help, the level of hope that kept Al going would have been far lower.

Alison lost her battle for life in 2007 and I made a resolution then to raise funds at some point for the Anthony Nolan Trust, partly to say thank you for all their help, but also to help give other people a chance for life. Due to study and work commitments, and perhaps also a measure of memory loss and laziness, this is the first opportunity I have had to make this happen.

Alison loved to travel and at her funeral a list of the countries she had visited was read out by the vicar. To everyones amazement the list went on and on. Much of Al's travelling was done whilst she and Martin were living in Hong Kong and this was surely a period of her life during which Al really lived. It is perhaps fitting then, that this fund raising attempt is based on travel around the globe.

I don't understand why Al had to leave us so early in life but I hope, she is sat somewhere having a coffee and waiting for us to catch up.

If you would like to help with fund raising or publicity, or would just like to express your support, please get in touch via the contact details on my blog.

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