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Monday, 2 July 2012

1 - 2 July 2012

Sunday 1 July, Day 59 – Lake Baikal, Russia

Got up early as I was cold and got the camp fire going to get warm.  Realised I will need some way of chopping wood when I get further towards Yakutsk.  The sunrise over the lake was great and I warmed up nicely.

Went back to bed and slept till 9am then I got up intending to take a swim but was disappointed to find the water was not too special and there was a lot of weed.  Decided not to swim but to look for an opportunity later on.

I got stuck in the small stream trying to get back under the railway and had to take all the luggage off and dig the bike out.  Very embasassing and luckily no-one came along.

Finally got back on the main and had a good ride all the way to Ulan-Ude.  There was a big festival going on and many of the roads were closed with Police on duty everywhere but a biker stopped and offered to show me the way to Lenina Street. I found the Ulan-Ude Traveler’s House without too much trouble and paid 600 Roubles for a night.

When I was shown to my bed I found that Julian, one of the guys I had met in Irkutsk, was already here and we were both surprised to see each other again.  This is a cool place and the Buryat owner Denis loves to play his guitar and interact with the guests.

Monday 2 July, Day 60 – Ulan-Ude, Russia
Lazy day around the hostel eating and updating my blog.  I went for a walk around town and was amazed at the giant statue of Lenin's head.

I have found flights from Magadan to Anchorage for passengers for a reasonable price and Denis contacted the airline by phone (Yakutia Air) to see if they could transport the bike also. He had no joy but got the number of the cargo desk in Yakutsk and I will try again tomorrow.

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  1. Have never been to Russia. The sunrise is just amazing. Am sure you had a great time out there.

    Thank you for posting, you just gave my friends and I a reason to visit Russia